Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Girl

    Hello there, to whoever is reading this, which is probably just my best friend but I have to start somewhere right?! My name is Lola and this is my first blog post, which is truly exciting!!!!!! ( p.s. don't mind my many exclamation marks I'm just jumping out of my seat about starting a blog and all the possibilities to come!!!)  I'm eighteen and in my last year of what people call high school, but I like to think of it more as a juvenile detention center where us students are trapped in cells to suffer through our angsty and cliché filled years of teenagedom. I have started this blog as a creative outlet where I can actually talk endlessly about fashion without my listener getting bored and nearly nodding just to shut me up (which often happens when I bring up anything fashion-related at the dinner table).
     It was a Friday night, I just came home from school and I was feeling unusually bored. I strolled into my bedroom and my magazines glowered at me from the bookshelf. Instantly, the thought popped into my head to start a mood board. Since that night, I haven't touched my crafts or have done anything creative. I used to scrapbook and draw, but as school became more intense I abandoned my creative pursuits and focused more on school. As I savagely scanned though my magazines, looking for pictures, I came across an article in an old Teen Vogue edition about Tavi Gevinson's collaboration with Rodarte for Target. Immediately, I googled her name and discovered her articulate and truly unique blog called Style Rookie. After scrolling through many posts of Style Rookie and discovering other fashion blogs such as Natalie Off Duty and Sea of Shoes, I became immersed in a whole community based on fashion. From that wonderful state of boredom, a blog was born!